Procurement: December 29, 2002


North Korea is a major manufacturer of weapons and will sell them to just about anyone who can pay cash. Most of these weapons are based on old Russian designs. North Korea's manufacturing capabilities are not very modern, but if a weapon doesn't require a lot of modern electronics or materials, the North Koreans can build it. Since the 1980s, the North Koreans have sold over a billion dollars worth of ballistic missiles (mainly their version of the Russian SCUD). Recently, the U.S. released data on deliveries to Iran of stealthy (very low in the water) North Korean torpedo boats carrying a previously unknown (to the general public) 12.6 inch (320 centimeter) torpedoes. North Korea is known to build small submarines for landing agents on the South Korean coast. And this is only known because some of these mini-subs have been caught in the act. Most North Korean built weapons are no better than other nation's copies of Russian designs. And other nations, like China, make them better and cheaper. But if you are looking for something sneaky, or particularly destructive, North Korea is the place to look. And the North Koreans pride themselves on being very discreet in their negotiations and how they deliver the goods (often in the middle of the night via unmarked ships.) Remember to bring cash, unmarked bills if you don't mind. 




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