Procurement: December 12, 2002


Despite all of the talk across the Arab world in support of Iraq, when the rubber meets the road the Arabs don't supply Baghdad with meaningful assets. In Part Four of a London "Al-Hayah" interview with former Iraqi Chief of Staff Nizar al-Khazraji given in Copenhagen, the general told his interviewer that Iraq received no military assistance from any Arab country during the 1980's Iran-Iraq War. The London Al-Hayah is an influential Saudi-owned daily providing independent coverage of Arab and international issues, which is occasionally critical of US policy.

Iraq actually paid for the 100 Soviet-made T54/55 tanks received from Egypt. Yemen sent a number of brigades that were insufficiently trained and while Iraq schooled them, they were not send to the front for fear that the Yemenis might be taken prisoners. Sudan also sent a brigade, but the Africans were still undergoing training when a domestic crises erupted back home, prompting the Sudanese government to recall the brigade. Jordan sent volunteers, which the Iraqis formed a brigade with and deployed it in their rear areas. The Gulf states gave money, and allowed weapons shipments to pass through their territories. - Adam Geibel




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