Attrition: Looking for More of the EOD Elite


May 8, 2006: So many navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians are being lured away to more lucrative civilian work, that a special recruiting drive is under way. EOD techs are recruited from among existing sailors and marines. In addition to replacing losses, the navy wants to expand its EOD force by 80 sailors. EOD is an elite unit that disarms explosive devices on land (usually for the marines) and at sea (naval mines and other troublesome devices). In addition to training on how to deal with many kinds of explosive devices, navy EOD also go to jump school (they are sometimes delivered via parachute) and diving school (naval mines are under water). Applicants who can pass the physical and psychological (this is a high pressure job) tests, then undergo a two week training course meant as a final screening. Actual EOD training takes ten months, plus two months for the diving school and three weeks at the army parachute school. Navy EOD techs are highly regarded, and often operate with SOCOM (Special Operations Command) commando units.




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