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Artillery: Short Rounds With A Big Bang
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August 2, 2011: India has successfully tested its new Prahaar short range, solid fuel, ballistic missile. With a range of 150 kilometers, six of the 1.3 ton missiles are carried on an 8x8 transporter/launch vehicle. Each missile has a 200 kg (440 pound) warhead. The 420mm diameter Prahaar is 7.3 meters (22.6 feet) long. The GPS/INS guided missile reaches its target in 250 seconds. Prahaar was developed in less than two years.

Pakistan has also developed similar short range ballistic missiles, and it is feared that both countries will arm these missiles with nuclear, as well as conventional, warheads. This would make a nuclear war between the two nations more likely.

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blkfoot    Well    8/2/2011 6:13:41 PM
Good for them!
The sooner they blow each other up then Haliburtan can go in and contract the clean up...
Money to be made out there my boys...just got to bid our time...
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RtWingCon    nuclear?   8/2/2011 7:50:46 PM
A short range missle small enough to fit 6 to a transporter would seem to be challenge to get nuclear tipped. My understanding (limited i'll admit) is it's very difficult to make small nuke warheads, especially for the new emerging nuke powers. If they do, they'll fight for the ground that's upwind if they're smart. Then again if willing to launch nukes 150km to target, smart would'nt neccessarily come into play.
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blkfoot    Davey Crocket   8/2/2011 10:26:09 PM
The M-388 "Davey Crocket" Nuclear tipped 106 recoiless rifle round was designed just for that kind of situation back in 1962 by the USA..but, test results showed that the fall out yield was a danger to those that fired it just as much as the enemy...if not leathal.
But, that small of a device was looked into though...maybe the Indians figured out the proper energy level to not cause an effect on their own troops, or, they just don't care about them all that much.
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