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Artillery: Son Of SCUD Via Syria
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May 7, 2010: Lebanese terror group Hezbollah is reported to have received over a hundred M600 ballistic missiles from Syria. This weapon is a copy of the Iranian Fateh which, in turn, is a copy of the Chinese DF-11A (which had a range of 400 kilometers). The M600 is a 8.86 meter (27.5 foot), 3.5 ton rocket with a half ton warhead. Range is about 250 kilometers. This might account for the reports, late last year, that Syria had provided Hezbollah with SCUD missiles. Both the M600 and SCUD are ballistic missiles, but the M600 is a more modern design. SCUD was developed from the German World War II era V-2.

Hezbollah is also known to have some Fajr-5 rockets. This is a one ton guided missile based the old Soviet unguided artillery rockets (the larger ones). Fajr-5 has a range of about 75 kilometers and a 91 kg (200 pound) warhead. The guidance system is crude, and the Fajr-5 will land up to kilometer from its aim point. Hezbollah is also believed to have some Iranian Zalzal rockets. These are based on the old Soviet unguided FROG series, and is no more accurate than the Fajr-5, weighs three tons, has a 636 kg (1,400 pound) warhead and a range of about 200 kilometers. Both of these missiles use solid fuel and, by U.S. standards, decades old technology. But they allow Hezbollah to hit targets throughout most of Israel.

All these weapons use solid fuel, meaning they can be launched within ten minutes of the vehicle carrier/launcher halting. Hezbollah is believed have these launcher vehicles hidden throughout southern Lebanon, and able to exit caves or buildings and promptly fire. If Israel does not know some of the hiding places, then some of these missiles can be fired.

During the 2006 war with Israel, Hezbollah fired some 4,000 rockets, most of them shorter range (20 kilometers) 122mm BM-21 models. They fired a few longer range rockets at urban areas, and the larger warheads did a lot of damage and caused some casualties. Israeli civil defense plans now take into account more long range missiles being fired by Hezbollah in the future, even though Israel has Patriot and Arrow anti-missile systems deployed.


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mabie       5/8/2010 9:36:06 AM
If those M600 missiles are actually fired at Israel, I think it would be fair to assume that Syria could expect some Israeli retribution for supplying them to hezbollah.
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gandolf       5/9/2010 10:20:48 AM
israel better do a better job in the next conflict , take over large parts of leb and syria and dont withdraw.
with any luck the incoming missles from syria and leb will take care of the palestinian problem.
yep the incoming summer looks like good for us armchair generals .
i hope the next generation of leb coming to canada keep making good pizza !!
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Nocturne       5/11/2010 4:34:17 PM
'i hope the next generation of leb coming to canada keep making good pizza !!'
when some comment mentions jews it's the end of the world..when it comes to another side nothing counts. at least when guy blows himself up with his pizza place and your friends/kids/wife don't be very amazed...u know..they  are just leb..they make happens

And talking about Iran/Syria...they are no news..beating the same old drum 
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