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Artillery: Hezbollah Gets SCUDS
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October 19, 2009: Arab media in the Persian Gulf have been reporting that Syria, apparently on the orders of Iran, has turned over about 300 long range ballistic missiles to Hezbollah control. The missiles have apparently not left Syria (they would be hard to miss, being driven around southern Lebanon). The reports add that Hezbollah personnel are being trained to operate the missiles.

Syria has underground storage and launch facilities for its arsenal of over a thousand SCUD missiles. Armed with half ton high explosive and cluster bomb warheads, the missiles have ranges of 500-700 kilometers. Syria also has some 90 older Russian Frog-7 missiles (70 kilometer range, half ton warhead) and 210 more modern Russian SS-21 missiles (120 kilometer range, half ton warhead) operating with mobile launchers. There are also 60 mobile SCUD launchers. The Syrians have a large network of camouflaged launching sites for the mobile launchers. Iran and North Korea have helped Syria build underground SCUD manufacturing and maintenance facilities. The Syrian missiles are meant to hit Israeli airfields, missile launching sites and nuclear weapons sites, as well as population centers. Syria hopes to do enough damage with a missile strike to cripple Israeli combat capability. Hezbollah is more interested in killing civilians, and would aim their missiles at Israeli cities.

 Israel has long been aware of the Syrian missile capabilities and any war with Syria would probably result in some interesting attacks on the Syrian missile network. The SCUD is a liquid fuel missile and takes half an hour or more to fuel and ready for launch. So underground facilities are a major defensive measure against an alert and astute opponent like Israel. In the past, Israel has threatened to use nukes against anyone who fired chemical weapons at Israel (which does not have any chemical weapons).

Over the last year or so, the Israeli government has been passing around, to local governments, a war planning document. This study assumes a future war with Syria, and gives the local officials an idea of what to expect. Currently, the Israelis estimate that there would be as many as 3,300 Israeli casualties (including up to 200 dead) is Syria tried to use its long range missiles against Israel. If the Syrians used chemical warheads, Israeli casualties could be as high as 16,000. Over 200,000 Israelis would be left homeless, and it's believed about a 100,000 would seek to leave the country. Hezbollah apparently wants to be part of this, or maybe Iran just ordered the whole thing.

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mabie       10/19/2009 7:05:18 AM
I seriously doubt the Syrians would hand over the keys to 300 SCUDS to hexbollah.. not unless the Syrians have a deathwish.
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Ezekiel    Next Hezbollah War   10/19/2009 7:30:43 AM
The next time Hezbollah opens up against Israel w/ a missile barrage on population centers such as Haifa, Tsfat, or Tel Aviv....quite simply Syria will be engaged. They are the terror masters and will not be left off the hook enjoying the war as spectators all the while enabling, facilitating and enhancing these terrorist capabilities.
Syria must be warned....and if rockets fall on Israeli cities, Syria (demascus) will pay for its part in the Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria , Iran axis.
This will also re-establish Israeli deterrance.
Israel's 3rd largest city was rockets over 300 times and Halutz, peretz, olmert did not up the ante....this was a huge  MISTAKE, and it is what precipitated Israel's failure and lower deterrrence.
Syria a terror puppet master must lose something in the next war...quid pro quo!
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trenchsol       10/19/2009 11:43:32 AM
What is the meaning of this ? If the missiles were fired from Syrian territory, it is good as Syria fired them itself.  Hezbollah is not an international recognized organization anyway. There could be no excuse like "Hezbollah did it, it's not us". Syria would do better to keep such dangerous asset under its own control.
If the story is true, that means that the war is inevitable, and missiles are going to be fired soon. Otherwise, why would anyone put themselves into such risk to have somebody else drag them into a war ? Perhaps only the crews are replaced, and Hezbollah might be better trained, while Syria retains contol ?

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WarNerd       10/19/2009 2:30:22 PM
Even if they have trained crews, there is no way that Iran and Syria can produce a plausible scenario for transfer/sale of the actual missiles to Hezbollah control that does not leave them vulnerable to Israeli counterattack, except if Iran can demonstrate the possession of operational nuclear weapons.
This could be a very bad sign, if true.
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Nocturne       10/19/2009 3:56:02 PM
ah just half blind wooden legged israeli war drummer...syrians are too broke to atempt serious attack and whats the use from scuds to hezbollah? they cant fire them from syria and cant move to lebanon those things would be destroyed long before they could be launched. 'hezbollah gets manpads or some anti-tank missiles' would be more serious thing than this
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Shirrush    Gammaridae/ Talitridae   10/19/2009 4:25:24 PM
The bottom line of this item resides in its first sentence, (davqa): "Arab media in the Persian Gulf have been reporting that Syria,..". Since when are the Arab media commited to the truth? Do we not owe them the wildest conspiracy theories of this century, and of the previous one as well?
Henceforth, I call BS.
Scuds, which the British call sandhoppers, are little crustaceans of the Amphipod persuasion, and they dwell among the pebbles on or near the shore of freshwater bodies, and in spite of the fact that they are quite small, they make excellent bait if you can catch them. Maybe that's what the Syrians meant to transfer to the Hezzies, in order to help them catch shad in the Qar'un lake....
Scud" height="338" width="345" /> 
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cwDeici       10/19/2009 9:00:57 PM
Underestimating Western weakness are we?
Who would've thought thousands of missiles could be fired at Israel without retaliation against supporting nation states.
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cwDeici       10/19/2009 9:02:12 PM
I'm not saying it's going to happen, but there'll be catcalls from the peanut gallery for Israel defending themselves... it might not happen at all as long as Syria is careful enough, if it decides to do something so stupid.
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kirby1       10/22/2009 10:55:44 PM
I believe in the integrity of Arab media just as much as the integrity of our own. IE, just about as far as I can throw my car.
But why the heck would Arab media report sales of Scuds to Hezbollah? Perhaps its merely a fiction meant to make the citizens feel happy. "We're supporting our brothers in Hezbollah in their war against Israel!!!!" Whisper: "Good idea on how to get rid of our spare trucks and sewer pipes, Habib." 

Maybe they're trying to provoke Israel into a 'preemptive strike' so they can  play an amusing game of  musical missiles. "No no, that wasn't a Hezbollah missile, that was a Syrian missile. And that other one you bombed was a school bus with a modern art sculpture on top!"
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