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Artillery: The Big Ballistic Barrage
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January 3, 2008: Taiwan now believes that  China has 1,328 ballistic missiles aimed at them. That's up from 200 in 2000. Most of these are Dong Feng (DF)-11 and Dong Feng (DF)-15 models. The DF11 (also known as the M11) has a range of 300 kilometers and carries a one ton warhead. The DF15 (M9) has a range of 600 kilometers and carries a half ton warhead. There are also over a thousand Chinese warplanes and over 100,000 troops (including several brigades of paratroopers) available for an attack on the island. The missiles would use high explosive or cluster bomb warheads, and would basically be "bombs" that could not be stopped. Well, that's not exactly the case. Taiwan is investing in an anti-missile system that would negate a large number of the Chinese missiles.



Next Article → ATTRITION: Where Have All The Dead Americans Gone?

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Blue Seadragon       1/3/2008 5:45:22 PM
The article is based on a selective reading of the threat.  If one includes all the ballistic missiles and rockets able to reach ROC territories - the number is probably in 5 figures.  Not only are offshore islands at risk from shorter range systems, but PLA plans to base some of them on places well forward - in particular the Pescadores - the new target of the airborne (now they concluded landing on Ching Chong Kang airbase would not work very well).  Nor is "several brigades of paratroopers" entirely correct:  PLA technically has 10 brigades of paras and 2 (in a different service) of airmobile.  Likely only 4 of these 12 are unavailable (3 paras = 1 division - a regime protection assignment;  1 airmobile probably will continue to guard Hong Kong).  Perhaps it refers to the forward deployment of an airborne division = 3 brigades - for the first time in PLA history?
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