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Air Defense: Who's Your Daddy?
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December 16, 2011: South Korea has revealed a locally designed and produced Iron Hawk II anti-aircraft missile system intended to replace three existing U.S. Hawk missile battalions and provide protection from North Korean rockets and ballistic missiles. In development for over five years the new Iron Hawk II is mobile. The radar and launchers are carried on trucks. Each launcher truck has six missiles in sealed storage/firing containers.

The missiles have a max range of 40 kilometers and a max altitude of 15,000 meters (46,500 feet). The search radar (with a max range of 100 kilometers) guides missiles part of the way before the missiles' own guidance system takes over for the final approach. South Korea had help from Russia in developing the AESA search radar and the missiles.

Russia and South Korea have become major trading partners and South Korea allowed Russia to pay off some Cold War era debt with military equipment and technology.


Next Article → INFORMATION WARFARE: The Big Lie Prospers

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heraldabc       12/20/2011 8:09:51 AM
The answer is Uncle Ivan and Uncle Stupid. There is a LOT of RUSSIAN tech in that missile system (RADARS). As for the missile, well its an improved HAWK family type. H.
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