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Air Defense: Georgia Joins The NATO Grid
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September 8, 2008: Although Georgia has not been able to join NATO, it has been able to link it's air defense radars with NATOs air defense system. NATO engineers and technicians recently devised ways to link the signals from the Russian made radars used in Georgia, to the monitoring systems used by the NATO air defense network. The signals from Georgia are sent by satellite to Europe, where NATO air defense controllers can see, in real time, what is going on over Georgia. This makes it more difficult for the Russians to violate Georgian air space, then lie about it.

NATO nations are also sending Georgia new weapons, including portable anti-aircraft missiles. The Russians are not happy about this, and are using a loophole in the ceasefire agreement negotiated in France last month, to raid Georgian bases and continue destroying equipment.

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davod       9/9/2008 3:38:12 PM
Interesting connection between the Nuclea non-proliferation legislation and Georgia's air defence.  The legislation was actually an amendmnt to earlier and part of the amendment was an effort to reduce the number of MANPADS. 
"And Section 12:
a) Statement of Policy - Congress declares that it should be the policy of the United States to hold foreign governments accountable for knowingly transferring MANPADS to state-sponsors of terrorism or terrorist organizations.
This amendment didn't start any work on securing nukes, nor did it finish it. It doesn't even mention nuclear weapons. In fact, you could argue that it diverted us from securing "loose nukes." 

After the bill's passage, the US went on a worldwide hunt to buy up MANPADs. Unable to get the MANPADs out of the hands of real enemies, we twisted the arms of allies to give up air defense stockpiles we deemed superfluous. One of the easiest targets? Georgia. We browbeat Georgia into giving us its MANPAD stockpile, which was their only air defense. We all know the rest of the story. Georgia was smart enough to go buy a few new MANPADs from places like Poland (against our loud protestations), but when Russia invaded "

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