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November 25, 2014

Warships Database

CarrierBZMinas Gerais18$810$5$21219.94824 501620019451300
CarrierFRClemenceau130$012$6$265336412 503640019631338
CarrierFRDe Gaulle135$025$7$2624154200 784060020001950
CarrierINViraat110$128$5$20928.75620 442000019591350
CarrierITGaribaldi114$1210$6$18013.86011 56112861985825
CarrierRUKuznetsov154$228$8$306595824 78453212019912626
CarrierSPPrincipe de Asturias112$1412$8$19617.25013 64180001988760
CarrierTHChakri Naruebet111$1010$6$18211.55220 441240019971375
CarrierUKInvincible312$1512$6$20920.65614 682700019851050
CarrierUSIwo Jima02$06$3$183184118 26252001970685
CarrierUSJFK185$2485$10$32781548 837030019685000
CarrierUSKitty Hawk285$2485$10$326825416 837130019615100
CarrierUSEnterprise185$2490$10$3329261200 837030019615800
CarrierUSNimitz3100$24100$10$3359556200 937030019825900
CarrierUSTarawa54$08$4$254404320 42262001980940
CarrierUSTheodore Roosevelt5100$24100$10$3339856200 947130019985900
CarrierUSWasp64$08$4$257404319 453820019941080
CruiserCAIroquois41$43$2$1305.1549 4221061973322
CruiserCHLuhai25$31$3$1436.65828 56211662001250
CruiserFRSuffern22$54$2$1586.9686.9 4602441970355
CruiserFRTourville36$33$3$1535.96410 5421621977300
CruiserINDelhi35$42$2$1636.75613 65221652001360
CruiserITDe La Penne26$43$3$1485.46214 6421861993377
CruiserJPHaruna21$33$2$153562na 54310141973340
CruiserJPHatakaze26$33$3$1505.560na 54118141987260
CruiserJPKongo424$1218$3$1619.4609 7311871998340
CruiserJPMurasame32$33$2$1515.1609 6311872002170
CruiserJPShirane21$33$2$1595.262na 44310141981360
CruiserPEAlmirante Grau13$66$3$19012.26414 31608001953953
CruiserRUKirov130$1010$5$251266428 81031420101998655
CruiserRUSlava33$106$2$18611.26512 681121681989481
CruiserRUSovremenny76$75$2$1568.56612 5812841994296
CruiserRUKara13$64$2$1748.56514 48148101974380
CruiserRUKrivak II040$226$6$2733.66023 7123548361988840
CruiserRUKynda15$21$1$1435.36812 2401261964304
CruiserRUUdaloy73$126$2$1638.45912 6628881991220
CruiserRUUdaloy II13$126$2$1508.95912 6428881999296
CruiserUSVirginia012$128$2$1781058200 7224841980570
CruiserUSLeahy03$65$2$1627.85714 46048141964423
CruiserUSLong Beach03$84$4$22017.154200 44148141961958
CruiserUSKidd04$144$2$1618.45912 64048101982360
CruiserUSTiconderoga2730$1420$3$1729.55812 8422861994364
CruiserUSSpruance246$162$3$1729.26416 74116161983334
CruiserUSArleigh Burke286$1612$4$1548.8608.8 930613761999337
CruiserUSArleigh Burke II26$1612$4$1559.2608.8 932484862000380
CruiserUSBelknap04$105$2$1677.95714 5512881967477
CruiserUSCalifornia014$98$2$18211.154200 64028121975600
DestroyerARAlmirante Brown43$33$1$1263.4619 3521861984200
DestroyerCHLuda I133$11$1$1323.5726 31200681991280
DestroyerCHLuda II23$22$1$1323.5726 3821681991280
DestroyerCHLuda III13$11$1$1323.5726 31200681991280
DestroyerCHLuhu23$32$1$1434.26210 6621881995230
DestroyerFRLeygues72$32$2$1394.66017 5521421990244
DestroyerFRCassard23$33$2$1394.75916 5313821991244
DestroyerITAudace23$33$1$1374.4686 4421861972380
DestroyerJPHatsuyuki123$43$1$1303.860na 53118141987170
DestroyerJPAsagiri83$33$2$1374.260na 53118101991220
DestroyerJPTachikaze33$22$2$1433.964na 54018141983250
DestroyerJPTakasuki23$33$1$1363.56214 32018141968260
DestroyerJPYamagumo31$21$1$1152.35414 34000141978220
DestroyerRUKashin13$32$1$1324.5687 1202051969288
DestroyerRUKashin II13$32$1$1464.96410 1802451974330
DestroyerRUKrivak70$13$1$1233.46110 1402481980190
DestroyerRUKrivak II70$13$1$1253.3618 1202481981181
DestroyerRUNeustrashimyy13$53$2$1304.26412 3314061993210
DestroyerUSPerry252$123$1$1393.65810 6411161989214
DestroyerUSKnox02$203$1$1343.9488 51111121974280
EscortRUDergach23$21$1$650.91065 130180198665
EscortRUGrisha II270$11$1$711.1648 120104199486
EscortRUMatka00$10$1$821.2549 14000141972100
EscortRUMirka II00$20$1$821.1619 14000121967100
EscortRUNanuchka203$01$1$590.7688 120160199151
EscortRUParchim II122$01$1$750.9494 120204199580
EscortRUTarantul292$01$1$560.5635 130140199541
SSRUTango02$91$2$732.43624 200206199553
SSBNRUTyphoon20$80$6$17323.250200 60012061989179
SSBNRUDelta I22$80$6$15510.543200 60001661982120
SSBNRUDelta III82$80$6$15510.648200 60001661979130
SSBNRUDelta IV72$80$6$16711.748200 60001641992135
SSBNUSFranklin18$160$9$1307.345200 6000041974211
SSBNUSLafayette08$160$9$1307.245200 60001641974143
SSBNUSOhio188$140$9$17116.745200 60002441996163
SSNRUAkula820$240$8$110866200 600108200073
SSNRUFoxtrot02$100$2$9223236 1000010197375
SSNRUKilo122$91$2$742.44015 200106199352
SSNRUOscar II820$80$6$15414.762200 60002461997107
SSNRUSierra320$80$6$1076.366200 600108199360
SSNRUVictor III710$160$8$106762200 200006199296
SSNRUYankee112$70$4$1034.354200 500086198590
SSNUSSturgeon016$250$9$894.363200 7000441975129
SSNUSSeawolf230$600$12$1087.580200 12000081998133
SSNUSLos Angeles 6882010$200$8$1106.154200 6000041985141
SSNUSLos Angeles 719820$400$10$1106.272200 90001241989164
SSNUSLos Angeles 7512324$480$10$1106.372200 90001641996164

Class Type is a code indicating the size and function of the ship. Each nation tends to have a slightly different interpretation of what the commonly used (as least in the West) codes stand for. A simplified classification criteria have been applied the same way to ships of all nations. The more conventional letter designations are given in parenthesis.

  • Carrier indicates aircraft carriers (CV, CVL. CVN, CVA, CVH) which vary in size from 12,000 tons up to over 90,000 displacement tons.
  • "B" is Battleship (BB), displacing over 20,000 tons of water and capable of independent operation although these are often the primary ship of a task force. This class of ships is likely to finally disappear in the next decade or so, about a century after they were first conceived and built.
  • Cruiser is a Cruiser class ship (CA, CG, CL) of 5,000 to 20,000 tons displacement. Most are between 6,000 and 12,000 tons. Basically, these are smaller battleships with less of everything except speed. Cruisers also tend to specialize in something like anti-submarine, anti-air or surface combat. Cruisers sometimes operate with one or more other cruisers or destroyers in a small task force. Also included here is the Russian battlecruiser Kirov, which is a little heavier.
  • Destroyer are destroyers (DD, DDG, FF, FFG), or 2,000 to 5,000 tons.
  • Escort are escort and patrol ships (DE, PH, PT, etc.), under 2,000 tons and typically found in coastal waters.
  • SSBN are ballistic missile boats.
  • SSN are nuclear and SS non-nuclear attack submarines, types (SS, SSG, SSN, SSGN).

Not included are ships under 100 tons (including minesweepers and minelayers, which are sometimes larger). These are little more than sea going police cars. What anti-submarine gear some of them have is largely ineffective against modern subs. Some also have lightweight surface-to-air missiles. Russia and China have the largest number of these small boats, several hundred in fact. Some boats in this class have anti-ship missiles. These are included in the Escort category.

Class Name is the name of the lead ship of a group of generally identical ships.

# - is the number in that class as of 2001.

Combat Values - are numerical evaluations of the ship's combat capabilities against surface ship, capabilities (SURF), submarine (SUB) and air (AIR) targets. These values take into account the quality and quantity of onboard weapons, equipment and crew as well as past performance. The most critical factor is the quality of crew training and leadership.

Prot - is the protection value of that ship against attacks from enemy weapons. For submarines this includes the difficulty other ships and subs have in detecting it. This is a function of sub quietness, diving depth, displacement, hull arrangement and countermeasures. For surface ships, these values suggest the number of major weapon hits the ship would have to receive before it was no longer capable of combat.

Long - is the ship's length in meters. This, and weight (below) pretty much defines how large the ship is.

Wght (weight) - is the ship's full-load displacement in thousands of tons. For submarines it is surface displacement. The term displacement refers to the weight of water the ship displaces when it is floating on the surface. I know it sounds complicated, but it is the common term used. If you want to deal with the navy, learn to speak their language.

Speed - is top speed in kilometers per hour. Rarely used except in emergencies. Also rarely achieved except when the engines and hull are in top shape. These conditions decline the longer a ship is at sea and/or in action. At that point, top speed declines 10 or 20 percent. Efficient cruising speed tends to be one half to two-thirds of top speed.

Range - is the un-refueled range in thousands of kilometers, at cruise speed of between 20 and 30 kilometers an hour. This is quite slow for wartime activities, and task forces normally cruise at 50 kilometers an hour or even faster. This can reduce RANGE by up to 50 percent. Nuclear ships the range is shown as 200,000 kilometers. In many cases it can be up to five times this before the nuclear reactors fuel must be replaced. The range given is what most nuclear boats would have at the beginning of a war. Note that the navy has their own units of distance (nautical mile, equals 1.8 kilometers) and speed (knot, equal to one nautical mile per hour). Most landlubbers (and some sailors) use kilometers. So will we.

EW - is the effectiveness of the ship's electronics in general and its electronic-warfare capabilities in particular. The higher the number, the better.

Guns - is the number of gun systems the ship mounts. Multibarrel Gatling types (used against cruise missiles) count as one gun. Almost all guns are under 128 mm and are used primarily for air defense.

Aircraft - is the number of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft on board. Smaller ships only carry helicopters.

SAM - is surface-to-air missile launchers carried. This is sometimes misleading, as most launchers have magazines and the launcher is capable of firing a dozen or more missiles in one engagement.

SSM - is surface-to-surface missile launchers. These are usually one shot affairs.

TT - is the number of tubes for launching torpedoes (TT) Modern submarines have four to ten torpedo tubes on board, with twice as many on surface ships armed with torpedoes. Many Russian ships still use depth charge throwers, a remarkably ineffective weapon against nuclear subs, although still of some use against Russia's own large fleet of non-nuclear subs. Figure that one out.

End Build - is the year in which the last ship of that class was built. This indicates how up-to-date that class is. This is very true with Russian, and non-Western, ships, as Western navies tend to upgrade their ships every ten years or so. The Russians simply build a new class in most cases. Dates later than 2001 usually indicate that the class is still being built.

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