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The Paraguayan War, by Terry D. Hooker

Nottingham: Foundry Books/Philadelpia: Casemate, 2008. Pp. 188. Illus., maps, diagr., biblio. $63.00. ISBN:1901543153.

A volume in Foundry's series "Armies of the Nineteenth Century."  Although intended for the wargamer, these books are quite valuable supplements to narrative historical accounts of the armies and the wars that are covered, even for the serious scholar of the subject.

The volume in hand, The Paraguayan War, deals with the 1864-1870 conflict that saw Paraguay fighting Argentina , Brazil , and Uruguay , in the bloodiest interstate war in Latin American history.

This profously illustrated book opens with a short overview of the historical and political background to the war.  A more detailed account of the war follows, providing a concise and even-handed look at operations and some personalities, leading to the ultimate collapse of Paraguay.  A discussion of each of the armed forces that took part in the war follows, including their organization, uniforms and equipment, and some notes on their background. 

The Paraguayan War provides one of the most comprehensive views of the military forces in this complex struggle.

Reviewer: A. A. Nofi   

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