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RISINGS AND REBELLIONS 1919-39: Organisation, Warfare, Dress and Weapons. Interwar Colonial Campaigns in Africa, Asia, and the Americas , by Edwin Herbet

Nottingham: Foundry Books/Drexel Hill, Pa.: Casemate, 2007. Pp. 188. Illus., maps, tables, notes, biblio. $63.00. ISBN:1901543129.

Intended for the gamer, and particularly the miniature gamer, Foundry's series "Armies of the Twentieth Century" nevertheless provides an enormous amount of valuable historical information and analysis of numerous obscure campaigns and armed forces of the interwar period. 

This volume covers a surprisingly large number of generally overlooked colonial and counter-insurgency operations, across a broad swathe of the globe, including all of the major campaigns from Soviet "anti-bandit" campaigns in Central Asia , to British operations in Afghanistan , Somaliland , and Iraq , to Franco-Spanish campaigns in Morocco and Italian operations in Ethiopia , Libya , and Somaliland . Also covered are many campaigns not widely known, such as the Mongolian "invasion" of Russia in 1920, and revolts in Burma , Nigeria , Aden , and elsewhere. 

Generally each section opens with a short background that includes a concise outline of the operations, and then provides details of the organization and equipment of both sides, and a short analysis of leadership, tactics, and consequences. The length of each entry varies with the scale of the operation.

Very useful for those interested in colonial and limited warfare.

Reviewer: A. A. Nofi   

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